Friday, October 26, 2012

Pulling off a successful fundraiser

The BJSA Bellevue Bruins 8's baseball team held their first major fund raising event of the year at DJ's Dugout.  The Spaghetti Feed was a huge success.  A huge thanks goes out to DJ's Dugout.  They made the event go smoothly.  The local community showed an amazing amount of support.  The turnout was very impressive.

The boys helped sell raffle tickets, bus the tables, and refill drinks.  The boys announced themselves and told a little bit about themselves.

Keys to pulling off a successful fundraising event:

1.  Plan ahead.  Give your team plenty of time to get the items you will need.

2.  Ask for donations.  Almost all of the items needed for a spaghetti feed can be donated.

3.  Venue.  Pick a venue that will support your event.  You may want to "shop" around a bit and see who will offer the best venue for your needs.

4.  Raffle and Silent Auction.  Hold a 50/50 raffle.  You might also raffle off a high value item(s).  Hold a silent auction.  Items for the silent auction should be from donations whenever possible.

5.  Get the players involved.  Have the players involved as much as possible.  They are the one's directly benefiting and should be doing the most work.  Interacting with the supporter's is crucial.

6.  Give Thanks.   Make sure to give thank all the parties involved during the event and then also follow up a few days later.  During the season have players in uniform visit supporting businesses.